Solaris 10 ldom you do not have write access

Usually trouble first rears its head on the client end, so this diagnostic will begin there. If not then you need to re-mount with the rw option. No such step is needed on later machines. The address selected is then checked against other Logical Domains Managers on other systems to prevent duplicate MAC addresses from actually being assigned.

If there is already a primary installation on the system, you must unset it before you can set another installation as the primary installation. Never discard the old version of anything until you are sure the new version works. This lets the processor gain throughput that is lost during cache misses in conventional CPU designs.

Solaris will generally detect threads that will benefit from this mode and "do the right thing" with little or no administrative effort, whether in a domain or not.

How to Remove Logical Domains and Services ? Oracle VM for SPARC

A non-interactive installation is also known as a silent, or unattended installation. If not then release upgrade should be required to have LDOM software on your system. This can have an effect on applications, especially those with large memory footprints that do not fit in cache, or are otherwise sensitive to memory latency.

File Corruption When Using Multiple Clients If a file has been modified within one second of its previous modification and left the same size, it will continue to generate the same inode number.

Within the domain you can use vmstat, mpstat, and prstat to see if there is pent up demand for CPU. In general, being able to write to the NFS server as root is a bad idea unless you have an urgent need -- which is why Linux NFS prevents it by default. Before selecting a potential address, the Logical Domains Manager first looks to see if it has a recently freed, automatically assigned address saved in a database for this purpose see Freed MAC Addresses.

All these variants due to our customer-oriented tenets. Depending on the application, this can be several times faster than in the normal "throughput mode".

Don't starve service domains! Avoid this by not plumbing the NIC and only plumbing the vsw. As this ensures the hardware and hypervisor can communicate correctly, and all of the features of the your servers can operate.Aug 02,  · Hi all, I have an NFS Server and NFS Client both running on Solaris 10 U5.

I shared a directory on the NFS Server (HOST_A) with read-write option explicitly included in the share command, but the NFS Client (HOST_B) can't write anything when it's mounted to the share. I continued to use the LDOM that had already been created using the Assembly process but tailored it to point to a new 20gb file (using mkfile) and added the DVD ISO to a virtual disk and presented to the LDOM.

Do /etc/rc[56].d work as expected in Solaris 10 and 11, and especially, do the scripts in /etc/rc5.d only get run for an init 5 / shutdown -i5, and the scripts in /etc/rc6.d only get run for an init 6 / shutdown -i6?

Hi we are running Solaris 10 10/09 s10s_u8wos_08a SPARC with attached zones underneath the global zones. and have recently installed opscentre 12c however when running the add asset profile we are finding that some virtual zones are not picked up by the discovery software also under administration managed assets some non global zones come back.

LDOMs (OVM for SPARC) Command line reference [cheat sheet], start, stop ldom. Bind, unbind ldoms, List resources, save configurations, add cpu, memory, cpu cores, disks, crypto units, MAU etc to guest ldoms.

LDOM console write access issue – Solaris

Oracle Solaris Logical Domain – How to deploy a redundant LDOM Setup part 1 Posted on January 14, January 14, Configuring Network Interface in Solaris

Solaris 10 ldom you do not have write access
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