The caucasus region

Animal life The fauna of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus includes certain endemic species—the West Caucasian and the Dagestanian mountain goat, or The caucasus region, the Caucasian black grouse, and the Caucasian mountain turkey, or ular—and even some endemic genera, such as the long-clawed mole The caucasus region Prometheomys schaposchnikowi.

Urban dwellers account for nearly three-fifths of the entire population, and in Armenia and North Ossetia the proportion The caucasus region even greater. There is no hatred of the Russians such as there is in Poland, or such as there was in Italy against Austria, but there is a grim resolution to preserve language, nationality, and religion against all attacks, and at all events among the more civilized elements, a determination to put an end once and for all to Muscovite autocracy and bureaucracy.

The northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus are not as steep as the southern. Gradually every vestige of constitutional government was suppressed, even the Church was placed under the control of the Russian Holy Synod and a Russian appointed Exarch, and the country reduced to the status of a conquered province once more.

King Vakhtang Gorgoslan completed the conversion of Georgia and expelled the fire-worshippers ; in spite of frequent inroads by the Persians and the high-landers, Georgia now became a considerable Power in the Middle East.

The karst regions along some spurs of the Greater Caucasus contain rivers that intermittently plunge beneath the earth into caverns within the soluble limestone bedrock.

The higher elevations of the Greater Caucasus contain numerous small mountain lakes, while a number of saltwater lakes occur in the arid regions of northeastern Caucasia.

Caucasus Ethnicity

The Rioni River valley and several smaller valleys in Transcaucasia are intensively cultivated and support large farm populations, and the foothills of the mountains also have a considerable population density.

Throughout its history, the Caucasus was usually incorporated into the Iranian world. The most important Caucasian language is Georgianspoken by a nation into which numerous groups have long been amalgamated.

Peoples of the Caucasus

The Middle Aras Trough in the Armenian Highland has a climate like that of the lowland downstream but is not so warm. In the first Georgian bishopric was founded, that of Mtzkhet, and in the Emperor Justinian recognized the independence of the Iberian Church, whose primate was henceforth [ page 28 ] styled Katholikos.

Autochthonous peoples of the Caucasus are mentioned by Herodotus and by later writers such as Strabo. In the northwest were a number of small language groups Tsez people Dido and Andi peoplesimilar to the Avars.

West of the Kura-Aras Lowland rises the Lesser Caucasus range, which is extended southward by the Dzhavakhet Range and the Armenian Highlandthe latter extending southwestward into Turkey. The Turkic-speaking Nogai nomads occupied almost all of the steppe north of the Caucasus.

Georgia was reunited once more into an independent kingdom, but soon after it was invaded by the Seljuk Turks, who laid it waste. Its mineral springs and year-round mild climate make it a conducive environment for the treatment of many illnesses. Revolts broke out, and Vakhtang was deposed and died in exile in The vast plains and highlands of Ciscaucasia stretch from the northern foothills of the Greater Caucasus to the Kuma-Manych Depressionrunning from the Sea of Azov to the Caspian Sea.

History of the Caucasus Located on the peripheries of TurkeyIranand Russiathe region has been an arena for political, military, religious, and cultural rivalries and expansionism for centuries.

Peoples of the Caucasus

In the southeast were the isolated Terek Cossacks. Oil and natural-gas pipelines also crisscross the region. The mineral-water springs of the Caucasus are known throughout eastern Europe. According to a secret document of the police department, which was shown to me, during the period — the following officials were convicted of robbery, peculation, murder, and other crimes, and punished: The structures of the Lesser Caucasus, the Talish Mountainsthe Dzhavakhet Rangeand the Armenian Highland likewise originated from folds uplifted from the Alpine geosyncline.

Much of the Caucasus region is Muslim. During the 20th century, much of the study of the Caucasus was carried out by Soviet researchers.

A Decade After the Georgia War

Snow cover throughout the southern highlands lasts for four to five months, while annual precipitation averages about 20 inches mmwith a spring maximum. Their settlements later grew into the North Caucasus Line. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

The Greek Emperor sent a bishop and priests to Georgia and the king and people were baptized in Since the dissolution of the USSR, continual border disputes contribute to a tense atmosphere.The region may have formidable mountain barriers, but it also contains a broad swath of lower lands sandwiched between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus ranges, which long formed an important trade corridor and is now a major oil-pipeline route.

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Armenia. Caucasus Region Two-way goods trade between the United States and Caucasus region-comprising Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia-totaled $ billion inequivalent to the United States' 56th largest trading partner.

The Caucasus or Caucasia is a region in Eurasia bordered on the south by Iran, on the southwest by Turkey, on the west by the Black Sea, on the east by the Caspian Sea, and on the north by Russia.

The Persian name for the region is Qafqâz. The region may have formidable mountain barriers, but it also contains a broad swath of lower lands sandwiched between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus ranges, which long formed an important trade corridor and is now a major oil-pipeline route.

Aug 19,  · "The Caucasus is a difficult and complicated place," one Russian political scientist told the Financial Times, referring to the small mountainous region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

The caucasus region
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